With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, 

who could not be happy? 


- Oscar Wilde



    On a rainy afternoon mama filled up an entire wheelbarrow,

    weeding out among the garden roses.

    I do as I’m always compelled to. 
    I press my nose & lips deep down among the petals,

    until I myself am full of rain bedewed roses. 

    And then, in order to heal the small wounds all thorns give,
    I photograph and try to eternalise.

    Hannah writes in her diary.

    She tells us the photograph she named wheelbarrow

    went on to be among her most requested work. 

    ’I was honored and especially tempted when a designer 

    in Milan contacted me, wanting to print fabric

    and make a collection of dresses.

    But I wanted to save this one somehow..’ she continues.

    ’There's still weekly questions for the copyright, 

    the licensing, the ownership..

    I’d rather just make it available like this,

    - up for grabs for people who, like me,

    can’t help but press their nose & lips deep down

    among the petals of roses.’