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"When I have a camera in my hand,
I know no fear."

- Alfred Eisenstaedt - 

Hannah’s art has been described as stills of synergy.

Soft and soulful imagery unique in their voice.

And it is in this distinguished language that people from

all walks of life are finding not only hers, - but also their own

stories being told between the ink and cotton fibre.


Her first photographic works within fashion were done with

such depth and personality, far beyond the apparel,

so much so that they went on to be exhibited.

Oversized frames were handmade and large scale prints

presented in the nearly abandoned vast factory building

that was becoming Magasin36 in Sweden, and sold out.

Her work was inquired to be bought by agents, companies

and private customers, which led Hannah to focus on

working mainly within fine art.


From Hannah’s already extensive body of work,

trend forecaster Li Edelkoort selected favourites to be featured

in her Trend Book of 2015, setting forth trends two years in

advance for the textile, fashion, interior, decoration, - & beauty industry.


Hannah’s journey continued with being part of the creation of

Swedish brand Love Warriors, spreading her work as photo art into

homes, restaurants, hotels and to retailers all across the world.


Here she has released the most requested work

from her archives and it is printed in collaboration with

a highly experienced studio in England.

Hannah's JOURNAL gives a more personal insight into her world. 


You can also view and purchase some more of her photographic work,

that for art duo Lemholt N' Bergman in their Pop Up Art shop here.  

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