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’It’s said it takes seven years to grow

completely new skin cells.


To think, this year I will grow

into a body you never will


have touched.’


- Brett Elizabeth Jenkins



Photo of the print in her home is by Anna Malmberg.

Thank You..!

seven years

  • This black and white portrait has a diluted selenium toning

    and the photograph has a scanned 1700's texture,

    this is part of the work's look, any 'imperfections' are

    intentional and of beauty and are not flaws.

    ’Seven years’ is a somewhat..

    concealed glance of a portrait.’ says Hannah.

    'To me, it whispers about growth and I created it,

    in that now signature large square format,

    to serve as an important reminder that everything

    is constantly changing.

    I need to be reminded of that.

    This piece always make me think of

    the famous lines of Diane Arbus;

    "A photograph is a secret about a secret.

    The more it tells you the less you know."

    I’ll tell you one secret hidden in there though’,

    Hannah leaves us with,

    - ’If you saw her eyes.. they’re smiling.

    And the rest.. that’s up to you.’


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