blame it on my gypsy soul. 

poppy study n°3

  • Poppy study n°3 is part of a series of

    poppy photographs.

    It’s a wish to still and immortalise a wild

    poppy field.

    Poppies are so inspirational..

    Virginia Woolf wrote 

    "She was like a crinkled poppy;

    with the desire to drink dry dust." 

    I mean.. isn’t that just crazy beautiful..?!


    Hannah continues; I shot this flower photograph

    of a poppy field at dusk, where that peaceful

    pale dogwood pink sky meet the passionate

    red poppies, because I wanted a reminder of home and

    my family far away. There was always something

    a bit dark in that ritual, of seeing people in preparation

    for swedish midsummer, pulling over at the roadside,

    picking big bouquets of these beauties and shoving them

    in the trunk of their cars. Mama would always say

    "They'll be dead at home-coming.

    Poppies are delicate creatures,

    not fit for mobster style transportation."