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’It has been a beautiful fight.





- Charles Bukowski 


  • 'Manicae' is part of the series 'Gladiatrice' (that also include 'Achillia', 'Amazon', 'Anthina' and 'Aeternum'). 


    "The flower Gladiolus, or sword-lily,

    has always meant something special to me.

    To me they represent a strong backbone and integrity,

    constantly budding; upward, forward..

    with surprisingly silky flowers."


    "They are a tribute to my constant desire

    to master the art of combining 
    softness and strength
    ", Hannah concludes.


    In the portrait photographs of this series, Hannah has worked in layers of double exposures; fusing Sword-lily still lifes with portraits of her muse Lina Lindholm.


    Some of the most beautiful combinations customers have bought, and kindly sent images of, have been various combinations of the still lifes and portrait versions from this series. 

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