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’Flower after flower is specked on the depths of green.

The petals are harlequins. Stalks rise from the black hollows beneath.

The flowers swim like fish made of light upon the dark, green waters.

I hold a stalk in my hand. I am the stalk.

My roots go down to the depths of the world, through earth dry with brick,

and damp earth, through veins of lead and silver. I am all fibre.

All tremors shake me, and the weight of the earth is pressed to my ribs.

Up here my eyes are green leaves, unseeing.‘


- Virginia Woolf, The Waves


  • Herbarium’ is a very "raw" and early

    self portrait’, Hannah tells us. 

    ’It’s been requested a lot so i want to offer it,

    although I can honestly say I’m not sure I’ve

    made my way around it yet..’ she smiles.

    ’Perhaps the message will show up pressed

    in between the pages of a long forgotten book.

    Virginia Woolf says it well.. so maybe it’s in there;

    in my copy of The Waves’..

    The photograph has a scanned 1700's texture,

    this is part of the work's look, any 'imperfections'

    are intentional and of beauty and are not flaws.


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